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Thread: How to use an store within a Container

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    Default How to use an store within a Container

    Hi there!

    I'm using Sencha Architect 2.1

    I have an Store and a Ext.Container with a template, but how can I render the data in the store using the container and the template?

    I created a 1 minute video explaining the problem:


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    hey mescalito2 -

    tpl and data configurations go together. There is no automagic data binding that happens here. Each time you want to update the data you can call setData.

    It sounds like what you are really looking for is a DataView. A DataView binds a store with an itemTpl for each record. The DataView is configured with an itemSelector which tells it how to map the record to a DOM node and vice versa.!/...aview.DataView
    Aaron Conran

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