Hey guys, I have a small problem, hope you can help me to solve it, here's the thing.

I have an app that allows the user to add tabs dynamically, each tab has a form with several fields. One of those fields is a combobox linked to a json store.

The user initially fill the forms (by adding n number of tabs) and then send them to validation, where another user will access the forms and review the data.

Here comes the problem, when the validator access the forms, the data (that the first user entered) is retrieved from the server and then loads the forms, but when setting the value for the combobox it sets the value field instead of the display field.

And this is ok, because the store is not loaded, the problem is that the data that the store retrieves is more than 15000 records and by loading the entire data set it severely affects the performance.

What can i do so that i dont have to load all the records from the store and also setting ok the value/display for the combobox?

I have tried to use paging and "autocomplete" (when the data set is loaded by each character that the user inputs) without any luck.

Thank you so much!!