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Thread: vs Ext.Selects?

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    Default vs Ext.Selects?

    Perhaps a dumb question, but what's the difference between the two public methods of Element?

    When should I use one over the other?


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    Where are you seeing Element.Selects? I don't think that's valid, and it does not exist in ext-all.js. is what you should be using.


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    In the documentation, click on element, 4th public method:

    Selects(String/Array selector, [Boolean unique]) : CompositeElementLite/CompositeElement Element
    <static> Selects elements based on the passed CSS selector to enable working on them as 1.

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    Sorry, that was a documentation parsing error. It has been corrected.

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    I still see it in Alpha 2 rev 1...martin

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