Hi everyone!

The Desktop Packager team loves to receive your feedback, criticism and feature requests, which weigh heavily on our prioritization and decision making for bug fixing and feature/API enhancements and ultimately make the product better. I think we'll eventually create a separate forums just for bugs and feature requests, but for now let's setup a standard for submitting these.

Because our forums are tightly integrated with our ticket tracking system, keeping bugs and feature requests in granular forum threads allows us to tie those threads to individual tickets. This greatly enhances not only our ability to keep track of your input, but also our ability to communicate our progress and resolutions to those individual issues.

So here's what we should do: for each bug or feature request you have, submit a separate fresh thread that has the title prefixed with [BUG] or [FREQ], depending on your intent. No special format for the content of the thread is necessary; for now we'll leave that to your discretion. When we have more versions floating around, certainly details like the version will be very helpful of course The Desktop Packager team will triage the issue and create a ticket for the thread if necessary.

Thanks in advance!