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Thread: Opposite of filtering? (take filtered rows and unfilter some)

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    Default Opposite of filtering? (take filtered rows and unfilter some)

    Filtering on a store is a brilliant tool, but applying 2 filters is an 'AND' action (must satisfy all filters to be displayed) which is useful most of the time, until you want to look for one of two things on different fields.

    (if they were on the same field it's a trivial exercise, just make the regular expression you send use and 'or'... i.e. 1|2, meaning either 1 or 2)

    So is there a way to make certain rows always stick? If certain rows can't be filtered out, or we have a way to unfilter them back into the store then i can effectively show rows on either of one OR another condition.

    The only way i can see to do anything remotely like this is to write a function and use it in a filter... But that would mean declaring the function before i knew what the value i'm filtering by is, and the scope of the function wouldn't see that value or be able to passed it, would it?

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    You might check this out--something I experimented with a while back:

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    Is there an update to this? Seems it does not work with 4.2.1...
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