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Thread: Windows Browsers == OK / IOS Emulator + Browsers == blinking circles

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    Default Windows Browsers == OK / IOS Emulator + Browsers == blinking circles

    Sencha Architect 2.1
    Touch 2.1
    Cmd 3.0.0

    Short history:
    1) Brought up architect in win 7. (primary dev environment for most work)
    2) Created a touch project,
    3) Deployed to local web server for testing. All is good. Communications with server are good. Supported in IE/Chrome/Safari.

    Eventual platform for application is ios.

    1) Bring up macbook.
    2) Bring up Architect / Touch / Cmd on Macbook.
    3) Migrate project.
    4) Configure package settings / project settings.
    5) Try to start in ios Emulator

    5a) Brings up iPhone emulator despite ipad clearly being stated in packaging specs.
    5b) Emulator screen just shows three white blinking dots on a blue background.

    6) Deploy application to local apache server on macbook.
    7) going to localhost/path/app.html gives blank screen
    9) going to localhost/path/index.html gives three blinking white dots on a blue background

    I'm pretty much dead in the water if I can't get anything to run in the emulator, much less on a device. This problem seems largely unknown to the internet, excepting one thread:

    Which, amazingly enough indicates text in app.json that isn't there; maybe as a result of the jump from touch 2 to touch 2.1.

    Can anyone help?


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    This was a function of a 'hidden' view that was trapped in app.js; i.e.,

    The reason it 'worked' in the PC environment was that at one point a view was created and published to the web server. The view was removed from view list, but stayed in app.js. This didn't bother the web server install, however, due to the partial clean applied at Publish time.

    In other words, when views/MyButton2 was removed from the project, the corresponding views/MyButton2.js was never removed from the web server path! As such, the fact that there was a view defined in app.js that didn't exist in the project anymore didn't bother the application.

    Migrate the project code to a new device. Architect rebuilds the project, but has no source code for MyButton2. Unfortunately, the reference still existed in app.js, which caused browser level / emulator level failures.

    @Sencha: You really need a full clean / publish option within Architect to insure a clean slate in the web server end.

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