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Thread: [GXT2.2.6] Grid column alignment issue

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    Default [GXT2.2.6] Grid column alignment issue


    I have ordered GXT 2.2.6 for grid column alignment fixeing.
    However, after I upgraded to 2.2.6, the column alignment issue still exists.
    Does 2.2.6 have this issue fixed?
    column alignment.png
    the steps I used:
    1. expand one of column width by mouse
    2. click one of column to sort

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    I'm not able to reproduce this on (also running 2.2.6, as the title indicates) - can you confirm that you also cannot reproduce it there? If you can, can you give the browser, OS, and exact series of steps you are using?

    If you cannot see it there, can you provide a runnable example that demonstrates the issue?

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    Hi Colin,
    Thank you for the reply.
    My environment is Firefox 18.0.2, and Window XP sp3.
    I did a try on examples-2#basicgrid, and can't reproduce neither.
    and it takes time for preparing a example, I'll attach later.

    BTW, I found a work around solution by calling GridView.onColumnSplitterMoved() after GridView.doSort().
    The refresh which is called in doSort() causes the column alignment issue, so I call onColumnSplitterMoved() after refresh event is handled.

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