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Thread: GXT 3.0.4 Available

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    Default GXT 3.0.4 Available

    We're excited to announce the release of Sencha GXT 3.0.4. This version is avaiable only to our active support subscribers. Support subscribers can download the latest version of GXT from the support portal at or from maven.

    Thank you,
    The Sencha GXT Team

    Release 3.0.4 (2/5/13 - tag 3.0.4)

    General Changes

    • [EXTGWT-2488] - Support GWT 2.5 closure compiler feature
    • [EXTGWT-2779] - Add support for IE10 (GXT.isIE10 and gxt.user.agent)
    API Changes

    • VML Draw engine now supports clipping (except for rotated sprites, due to limitations in VML)
    • Added NumberField and SpinnerField subclasses that support Integer/Float/Double/Long/Short/BigDecimal/BigInteger via a default constructor
    • Added ComboBox/ComboBoxCell subclasses with specific String support, allowing user-entered values and optionally keeping them in the store
    • Backwards incompatible - renamed protected method Menu.onAutoHide to Menu.onPreviewEvent, and changed signature to return void to clarify that the method is only to update the Menu based on the preview event, and the return value has no effect.

    • [EXTGWT-1937] - Error tip has discontinuous border in IE6
    • [EXTGWT-2172] - FieldSet does not respect height
    • [EXTGWT-2231] - TreeGrid horizontal scroll bar showing when not needed causing last row to be hidden
    • [EXTGWT-2252] - Forms : Forms Example and Forms Example (UI Binder): Validation is not functioning as per the text in error tool tip
    • [EXTGWT-2521] - Bug: onBeforeShowEvent called twice for combo box in grid (inline editing)
    • [EXTGWT-2525] - Grid with GridInlineEditing and GroupSummaryView displays editor in wrong location
    • [EXTGWT-2528] - ComboBox clears value on blur even with setForceSelection(false)
    • [EXTGWT-2535] - Tree Context Menu causes unintended scroll / display issues on IE
    • [EXTGWT-2537] - VML Sprite's setClipRectangle doesn't clip line on IE 8
    • [EXTGWT-2548] - In FF and IE9, chart axis do not draw properly on hidden tab
    • [EXTGWT-2586] - Dark gray border to the top and left of GXT Windows in IE 10 on both GXT 2.2.5 and GXT 3
    • [EXTGWT-2588] - TextArea ValueChangeEvent not firing consistently
    • [EXTGWT-2590] - PaggingToolBar additional menu hanging after browser is maximized.
    • [EXTGWT-2593] - Charts Dashboard Filter option becomes invisible and column header drop down list stays on the screen, once any column is filtered and immediately clicked on very next column header drop down
    • [EXTGWT-2622] - Gxt 3 GroupingView, start collapsed and headers render
    • [EXTGWT-2624] - Dark background shadow is displaying for all tool tip messages & Drop down menus in IE10: Windows 8
    • [EXTGWT-2632] - BorderLayoutData setCollapsed(true) not honored
    • [EXTGWT-2644] - Data update bug in TreeGrid
    • [EXTGWT-2660] - Child of FieldSet has height that extends the contents of Field Set (clips correctly)
    • [EXTGWT-2661] - Issue with SeriesSelectionHandler on Charts on Scrolling down the browser
    • [EXTGWT-2684] - Grid Live Group Summary Getting an exception error, by deleting existing data in the Estimate column and clicking on other cell under Estimate
    • [EXTGWT-2685] - Tree Basic Tree (UI Binder) Folders in the example are getting added every time when the example is closed and reopened
    • [EXTGWT-2695] - Grid XML Grid Getting exception error upon click on column header in a specific scenario
    • [EXTGWT-2702] - StateManager does not create default Provider causing null pointer
    • [EXTGWT-2703] - [GXT3.0.3] ListStore.addAll() with list.size = 0 throws exception
    • [EXTGWT-2708] - [Chart 3.0.2b] axis tick
    • [EXTGWT-2714] - CheckBoxes cant be changed with clicks in grid inline editing
    • [EXTGWT-2719] - Adding a HeaderGroupConfig to a grid without including the first column breaks column rendering
    • [EXTGWT-2722] - TextButton active state gets stuck on
    • [EXTGWT-2726] - ComboBox not clearing focusedCell in all scenerios
    • [EXTGWT-2727] - Grid with Inline Editing, selecting cell in same row, value entered not accepted
    • [EXTGWT-2728] - Layouts-Portal layout The panels in the portal layout are not displayed again when all the panels and the example tab is closed
    • [EXTGWT-2732] - Grid Live Grid Grid is not displaying properly after clicking on expand/collapse icon when example panel size is increased in collapsed mode
    • [EXTGWT-2734] - TabPanel update ignores TabItemConfig close
    • [EXTGWT-2737] - Grid column context menu failed to hide
    • [EXTGWT-2738] - ListView not firing selection change with multiple selections
    • [EXTGWT-2740] - ListStore<M> replace all method fails for unmodifiable lists when the store is sorted
    • [EXTGWT-2741] - IE10 Windows not rendering correctly
    • [EXTGWT-2743] - no appearance constructor in livegridview
    • [EXTGWT-2744] - Tabs Advanced Tabs Getting an exception error after clicking on the Enabled Selected Tab Close Button button in a specific scenario
    • [EXTGWT-2745] - FileUploadField messages are useless
    • [EXTGWT-2755] - AggregationRowConfig.setCellStyle is beeing used for all columns
    • [EXTGWT-2757] - ColumnHeader grouped columns not adjusting for hidden columns
    • [EXTGWT-2762] - ValueBaseField.isReadOnly always true (3.0.3)
    • [EXTGWT-2765] - FieldSet legend layout error on Firefox 3.6
    • [EXTGWT-2775] - Binding List Property Binding Pop-up message title is not displaying when Name field is empty while saving the page
    • [EXTGWT-2791] - Grid- Inline Editable Grid Unable to navigate from one cell to another cell using Tab Key in IE10
    • [EXTGWT-2793] - Grid column menu not hiding in certain scenerio
    • [EXTGWT-2807] - Possible Bug with SummaryRenderer?

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    So when is the Closure compiler fix included for GPL?

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    Yes. Do you have some policies when fixes and new features appears in GPL version?

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    Default Turkish Translation

    Hi Darrell,

    when will you put Turkish translation?

    I'm waiting it for 2 years.

    I've already sent it my translation document to you.

    Now I attached again. Please put this.

    Best Regards
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Feel free to contact me [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by foal View Post
    Yes. Do you have some policies when fixes and new features appears in GPL version?
    Same question for me. When the new GPL version will be released? Any release plan?

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    Thanks for providing the turkish translation. I'll see it gets added here in the future. GXT issue 2977

    It is available in GPL with a support contract already. Although if you want it with out a support contract, it could be available late this year once 3.1.0 gets released. In the mean time if you like the fixes sooner a support contract can be garnered from this location >

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    @harun The Turkish translation has been added and will be out in the next release.


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