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Thread: Textarea in Modal Window not showing up in IE6

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    Default Textarea in Modal Window not showing up in IE6

    I have a form inside a Modal window and in the form is a textarea setup as follows:

    tabIndex : 12,
    name : 'description',
    fieldLabel : 'Description',
    height : 200,
    anchor : 100%

    It shows up in Firefox (Mac and Windows) and IE 7, but not IE 6.

    textareas in non-modal windows show up fine.
    textFields (and other form elements) show up fine in all browsers in both modal and non-modal windows

    I have tried setting z-index: 9050 and zoom:1 for the text area but it still won't show up in IE6.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Check anchor width

    In one of my forms I came across the same problem with a 100% anchored textarea that was part of a fieldset. IE6 seems to calculate the width of textfields incorrectly.

    Try setting "anchor" to "-3" instead of "100%" for IE6. That should solve your problem.

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