Greetings Everyone -

It is my pleasure to announce the availability of Ext JS 4.2.0 Beta 2! The bits can be found here:

We have started a minor reorganization of our CDN structure to cleanly separate products and their beta releases.

The CDN location for this beta build is as follows:

We will be copying older versions in to this structure (and maintaining their old locations) in the coming days.

On to more interesting topics.

Tree / TreeGrid

In this beta we have completed our performance improvements of the grid-family for the 4.2 release with the Tree and TreeGrid.

For starters, the new buffferedrenderer plugin now works with Tree and TreeGrid! By minimizing the DOM footprint, a tree can now contain a much larger number of nodes. Beyond this, tree expand and collapse processing has been optimized. Event bubbling in tree nodes has also been optimized to avoid firing events "up the tree" in situations where there are no listeners present.

All of this should allow trees to remain responsive even with large data sets.


We have added the ability for a controller to handle events fired by stores or other controllers. The selection syntax to select from non-components is much more limited than a full ComponentQuery. For example, in your controller you can now do this:

        store: {
            '#mystoreid': {
                add: this.onMyStoreAdd
            '*': {
                remove: this.onAnyStoreRemove
        controller: {
            '#somecontroller': {
                someevent: this.onSomeEventFromSomeController
        component: // same as "this.control"
Enjoy and let us know what needs squashing!

PS - the fine print ...

New Features

Charts (1)
  • EXTJSIV-5604 - With multiple Column series, columns can completely obscure each other.
Core (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7564 - Add Ext.Object.isEmpty method
Data (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7400 - Added CORS support for IE (XDR)
Forms (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8073 - HtmlEditor should be a FieldContainer and use standard container layouts
Layouts (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8072 - Panel shrinkWrap should be able to include docked items in its calculation
MVC (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7429 - Controllers should be able to listen to non-Component events
Performance (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8092 - Data and Tree performance optimizations
Tree (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7955 - Trees should be able to use buffered rendering

Bugs Fixes

Core (5)
  • EXTJSIV-8042 - Ext.utils.CSS.getRule - always throws error
  • EXTJSIV-8064 - Modal mask doesn't appear in Chrome and IE9
  • EXTJSIV-8079 - Grid grouping labels not translated (at least for German)
  • EXTJSIV-8117 - Portuguese locales: wrong day and month names
  • EXTJSIV-8136 - Ext.String.repeat with negative count infinite loop
Direct (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8021 - Ext.Direct API methods should not be resolved at construction time
Documentation (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7881 - Explain interaction of reference types and configs
  • EXTJSIV-7992 - Grid guide is not updated with 4.2 improvements
Examples (2)
  • EXTJSIV-8009 - Typo in desktop example
  • EXTJSIV-8029 - Combination Examples: Web Desktop: 'More Items' sub menu is displayed on top left corner of the page when mouse hovered
Forms (3)
  • EXTJSIV-6999 - fileuploadfield on a form is clearing selected file path after submit button is pressed
  • EXTJSIV-7918 - Checkboxgroup allowBlank:false and validitychange event not firing on first click
  • EXTJSIV-7945 - Error handling issue while submitting forms with file uploads in IE9
Grid (21)
  • EXTJSIV-7582 - minHeight on table header causes layout faults if there is a scrollbar
  • EXTJSIV-7775 - The hmenu-asc.gif icon for "Sort ascending" has the arrow pointing down. It's identical to the "sort descending" icon.
  • EXTJSIV-7895 - Grouping Feature not able to show/hide columns when enableGroupingMenu: false
  • EXTJSIV-7949 - Canceling new rows in RESTful store grid panel leaves behind a blank row
  • EXTJSIV-7952 - Locked grid row heights fail to sync when OSX scroll bars turned off.
  • EXTJSIV-7961 - Menus are constrained incorrectly. They should not have ownerCt configured.
  • EXTJSIV-7968 - GroupGrid can hide all columns in certain scenario
  • EXTJSIV-7982 - Summary feature causes errors if data is modified and view is not rendered
  • EXTJSIV-7983 - Grouping grid headers do not always fill the horizontal space
  • EXTJSIV-7987 - Grouping grid crash on record update
  • EXTJSIV-8003 - Grouping grid allows grouping by last visible column
  • EXTJSIV-8005 - Grid selection model events do not fire after reconfigure
  • EXTJSIV-8014 - Double clicking to auto-size an unresizable column causes JS error
  • EXTJSIV-8038 - Grid: view isn't removed from Scroll Manager when grid is destroyed
  • EXTJSIV-8043 - Grid columns with no explicit renderer definition are not shown
  • EXTJSIV-8046 - RowSelectionModel Keyboard navigation does not work.
  • EXTJSIV-8083 - buffered grid checkbox selection model does not support select all
  • EXTJSIV-8115 - hidden: true of grid column with inner columns causes error
  • EXTJSIV-8144 - Grids : Grouping : Displaying Js error upon navigating the records in the grid in a specific scenario.
  • EXTJSIV-8145 - Grid view refresh and toggleSummaryRow not working as expected
  • EXTJSIV-8161 - Buffered Grids No Longer Work In Tab Panels
Layouts (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7973 - Layout failure in PropertyGrid
MVC (1)
  • EXTJSIV-6032 - Controller shouldn't require selector when ref has autoCreate flag
Menu (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8167 - checked not a boolean until rendered
Misc (4)
  • EXTJSIV-5226 - Focus on OK button in MessageBox
  • EXTJSIV-6014 - Incomplete Localisation for LoadMask and AbstractView
  • EXTJSIV-8052 - 4.2.0 beta and ent-beta builds fail sencha generate app with YUI disabled
  • EXTJSIV-8087 - Delegate Ext.Object.chain to Object.create
Panel (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7981 - Crash when expanding collapsed/hidden panel
Toolbars (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8041 - more.gif in x-toolbar-more-icon class is not RTL
Tree (1)
  • EXTJSIV-7916 - Tree node removeAll(true) throws exception when there's a child node.