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Thread: Ext.clone not working properly in chrome

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    Default Ext.clone not working properly in chrome

    I am using ExtJs 4.13 and facing a strange behavior of Ext.clone() function in google chrome.

    The problem is that I am trying to create clones of the responseXML object that I receive in Ext.Ajax.Request success function and it always returns null in chrome where as it works perfectly in mozilla firefox.

    To elaborate in detail, following is what I try to do

    url: ...,
    method: ..,
    async: false,
    params: {
    success: function(response)
    console.log(a); //shows the correct response object in mozilla but null in chrome
    console.log(b); //shows the correct response object in mozilla but null in chrome

    Kindly suggest me why it creates a perfect object copy in case of mozilla and not in chrome.
    My overall requirement is to make multiple copies of response.resposeXML so as to avoid redundant ajax calls.

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    This looks to be an issue in Chrome. It does a cloneNode method call on XML document that is what returns null. The cloneNode method is a native method that we have no control over so looks like a bug in Chrome.
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