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Thread: CollapsibleList in Sencha 2.1

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    Default CollapsibleList in Sencha 2.1

    hi all

    I am struggles to create the expand and collabse function in sencha 2.1 list control. I did that in sencha 2.0.1 but i have not any idea in sencha 2.1. If any body share the code is best way for me

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    Default Do you know about this...

    Do you know about this component?


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    thank for your reply. I looked that. But i need more than six span items in inside the list item row. I tried in accordian but it should not help me. It is showing only single span in a row.

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    Wow!.. Suberb! Fantastic! Now i could success through Accordian what i want through list. Thanks a lot digeri. Really thanks..

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    hi dig

    If any possible to load the data from the json.

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    Default Apparently not...

    Apparently it's not possible yet....maybe in a future version or you can ask the developer of the extension. I saw this in the code:

    // XXX: AccordionList doesn't show when loaded from JSON
            // proxy: {
            //     type: 'ajax',
            //     url: 'resources/data/testData.json',
            //     reader: {
            //         type: 'json',
            //         rootProperty: 'items'
            //      }
            // }

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    thanks digeri. i looked that code in that sample but my bad time it must need to work in my app. So anyway if i will get the problem solved i will post the code here

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    Find out the code for loading data from json. Smooth work from my friend Premkumar and customize the code.
    we need to update the store onloadproxy function like below

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: [

    onProxyLoad: function(operation) {
    var me = this,
    records = operation.getRecords(),
    successful = operation.wasSuccessful(),
    node = operation.getNode();

    node.set('loading', false);
    if (successful) {
    records = me.fillNode(node, records);
    me.loading = false;
    me.loaded = true;

    node.fireEvent('load', node, records, successful);
    me.fireEvent('load', this, records, successful, operation);

    //this is a callback that would have been passed to the 'read' function and is optional
    Ext.callback(operation.getCallback(), operation.getScope() || me, [records, operation, successful]);

    onNodeBeforeExpand: function(node, options, e) {


    config: {
    defaultRootProperty: 'items',
    model: 'AccordionListExample.model.Task',
    autoLoad: true,

    // XXX: AccordionList Now show data from JSON
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: 'resources/data/testData.json'//,
    // reader: {
    // type: 'json',
    // rootProperty: 'items'
    // }
    listeners: {
    load: function(store, records, successful, operation, eOpts) {

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    Default Accordion

    Hey guyz one question to all !

    Accordion is working for you guyz on sencha 2.1 ?? as for me it is not !

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    Hi indu

    Its working fine senchatouch 2.1. please check it and find what the error you get it

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