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Thread: Sencha Touch versus Tersus

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    Im new to Sencha Touch, made my first trials with it and recognized that I have to deal with a lot of code. I mention this "deal with a lot of code" because Im not the youngest anymore (66 years), programmed in my young days and don`t have now the nerves to deal with all the detailed code things. So I looked at the Net for easier ways and found for example Tersus. Now my question:

    When I want to create webapps (mobile and for the PC) would you suggest using Tersus in my case? Of course you all like your baby Sencha Touch, but please be open minded and tell me all the advantages and disadvantages by using Tersus in comparison to Sencha Touch (if you know this system).

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    Have you checked out Architect:
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    Its too expensive for me.


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    I looked a little closer into Tersus and recognized its really very old fashioned in comparison to Sencha Architect. So I thought to myself, Albert, lets give you an after christmas present and bought Sencha Architect. And - Im very happy that Ive done it. Its super elegant, modern and easy to use. Perhaps I have to cut a little on my other expenses - but its worth it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by albert0346 View Post
    And - Im very happy that Ive done it. Its super elegant, modern and easy to use.
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