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Thread: Theme Fail: failed to render widgets within 30 sec.

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    Default Theme Fail: failed to render widgets within 30 sec.

    Great progress has been made setting up and optimizing build in Cmd v3.0.0.250, however, at random build fails with this message:

    phantom.js process exited with code 1:
    loading page resources/theme/_notes/theme.html
    failed to render widgets within 30 sec.

    Why does this fail randomly?

    Is there a work around?

    Will upgrading fix this?

    This is important. : )

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    I have not had this issue with any of my apps.
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    I had the same problem.
    Do You have Ruby, sass and compass installed?

    This is maybe not related but after installing this in my system my builds are finally successful
    I'm using CMD v3.0.0.250

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    I get the same error, but substituting the exe from didn't fix it... Several of my colleagues get this error as well. In their case, a Windows error dialog pops up indicating that phantomjs has terminated; then, the sencha build process seems to complete normally. I get no Windows error dialog; the build simply fails with lots of errors (as shown in OP).

    Does anyone at Sencha know what's causing this and/or whether there's a workaround?

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