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Thread: Multiple UiBinder files into one tab panel uibinder xml

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    Default Multiple UiBinder files into one tab panel uibinder xml

    I have created one UiBinder file, which contains the TabPanel with 3 child tabs. I have created 3 child tabs as separate Uibinder xml files. Can anyone help how to include 3 uibinder xml into mail uibinder xml to get the TabPanel work properly.

    Or please provide me the best way to achieve tab functionality

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    You should be able to just refer to those classes that those three other uibinder files map to, and add them in your main uibinder xml. See in the uibinder docs where they show making a new xmlns:my=... - point that at the package with your other widgets, and then you can say <my:CustomTabA />, etc.

    Using this, adding your own widget classes is just like adding any other classes.

    Does that not work? What else have you tried?

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    Thanks Colin, I have added each UIBinder corresponding java object to TabPanel in Java. It is working fine.

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