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Thread: groupingsummary minmax-function

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    Default groupingsummary minmax-function

    I have a grid with the groupingsummary-feature!

    One column is a date column, and in the summary I want to display the min and the max date! (e.g. from 18.11 - 25.11.2012)
    I thought, this will be pretty easy by wirting my own summaryType function!

    summaryType: function(records) { 
             //get min and max date from records
             return "from Ext.Date.format(Min-Date,"d.m.") -  Ext.Date.format(Max-Date."d.m.")
    This does not work, because you have to return one date-value in a date-column or one int value in a int column and so on.... Afterwards summaryRenderer with my calculated value is called!

    Question 1: Is there a way, to forward two values to the summaryRenderer?

    Question 2: Wouldn't it be better, if I am providing my own summary function, that I also provide my own output in ONE function!

    Question 3: The only workaround I can think of, is that I make a String-column and parsing the dates myself! Any better solutions??

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    You should be able to return a string in summaryType and have no issues.
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