Hi All,
i try to insert my field searchField but i received this error:
ownerDocument is null or is not an object
in Ext-all.js -> Ext.DomHelper
what is wrong?

this is my code:
new Ext.Toolbar.MenuButton({
text: 'Search Model',
handler: onButtonClick,
tooltip: {text:'This is a QuickTip with autoHide set to false and a title', title:'Tip Title', autoHide:false},
iconCls: 'blist',
// Menus can be built/referenced by using nested menu config objects
menu : {items: [
{text: '<b>Bold</b>', handler: onItemClick},
{text: '<i>Italic</i>', handler: onItemClick},
{text: '<u>Underline</u>', handler: onItemClick}, '-',{
text: 'Pick a Color', handler: onItemClick, menu: {
items: [
new Ext.menu.ColorItem({selectHandler:function(cp, color){
Ext.example.msg('Color Selected', 'You chose {0}.', color);
}}), '-',
{text:'More Colors...', handler:onItemClick}
{text: 'Extellent!', handler: onItemClick}

Thanks in advance