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Thread: Buffering Http State Provider

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    Default States not getting saved

    Hi Saki,

    Thanks for the extension. I am using this in my application which contains a viewport and many tabpanels. Each tabpanel contains grid. The state is getting saved properly on each grid close event, column change etc. But when i close each tab(handles in grid's close event) fastly, some of the ajax requests are getting aborted or not sending. What I can do with this situation?

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    I noticed that the process of setting 100 keys in my localStorage is very slow (especially in Firefox). And on a weak machine I even get 'Script takes too much time to respond'.

    I profiled it and looks like it takes 59 seconds to update 100 keys.
    softdial.stateProvider = new Ext.state.jStorageProvider();


    for(var x=0; x<=10; x++){

    softdial.stateProvider.set('test'+x, x);


    What can I do in respect of this issue?

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    Question How to reset initial state?

    We are using this great code for quiet some time now, but we have a problem which was already mentioned a few times in this thread, but i found no (working) solution:

    We are loading all states initially by calling initState. This works fine, everything is as it was saved in the DB.

    When you are inside the ExtJS application and modifing i.e. the sorting of a grid with a certain stateid it sends a request and stores the new sorting correctly to the db.
    The next time this user opens the app freshly, this saved state will be initially loaded. Fine.

    But when he does NOT reload the whole app, but just opens a new instance of this grid with the specified stateid, it will be loaded with the state initially coming from the DB, and not with the latest changes (which are by now already in the D.

    I've read that the problem here is to get the state before the rendering. (Therefore you should use the initState) So, my idea would be to somehow override these initial states in the same moment when they are being sent to the server for saving in the DB. But I'm not sure how or where exactly to do this.

    My guess would be the submitState function, here it could be done... no?
    How could i override/change the initial states, which are set during the initState function?

    Thanks for any hint!

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    Just add this plugin (just 1 ajax loaded edited grid/ext3) & notice strange behaviour, in some cases.
    Sometimes it load saved columns positions, sometimes - no. In chrome it mostly works, in Firefox - mostly not loads (~10% of reloads - show saved previously columns orders/hidden state/etc).

    Seems its cause stored data is loaded after grid. And i know that author recommends use this inline in main html.
    i dont try this yet, cause have large system, and this will take me many time to redo this way, so am loading as :

        var cp = new Ext.ux.state.HttpProvider(
        Ext.state.Manager.setProvider( cp );
           function(ret) {
                Ext.state.Manager.getProvider().initState(; //[{"name":"client-mod-client-grid","value":"..."},{"name":"client-mod-win","value":"..."}]
    But am interested, if this possible - to reload grid, with new state? I.e. somehow

    1. load state
    2. grid.redraw()

    with js, as ex, button pressed -> grid state reloaded.

    Or maybe is possible add state loading on some event of grid, i.e. before show all grid in page?

    Can your help me pls...

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    Default Is it working for Lock/Unlock feature of the Grid?

    Why State management is not working with Lock/Unlock feature of the Grid.

    1. Lock any of the column in the GRID.
    2. Reload the Grid.
    3. ExtJs internal error on console and GRID failed to load.

    Why StateManagement not supported for Lock and Unlock feature?

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