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Thread: Dynamically adding adding views and controllers in Extjs4.1

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    Default Dynamically adding adding views and controllers in Extjs4.1

    Hi, I am using Extjs4.1. I am working on ExtjsMVC application. In my application so many views there. Here I need one thing. In MVC application, we are adding the entire view names in viewport. Is there any way to create the view when we click on button or tab Without adding the view names in viewport. By this way the application performance also will increase.

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    why I do not always get. It just error

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    My problem is that the controller doesn't add the button on the view. I get the followig error: Uncaught TypeError: Object function h(){return this.constructor.apply(this,arguments)||null} has no method 'add' What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help in advance
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