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    Actually I'm exploring Adobe Edge - PhoneGap - Eclipse for build Android Apps.

    I'm interest to know, before buy, two things on Sencha Products:

    1) How to import Animators exports or source project into Architects 2. Something like Edge-PhoneGap-Eclipse.

    2) How to access to Android native resources from Sencha Architect 2. Like Phonegap-Android access to sensors, cameras, wifi, audio, etc.

    It is possible? I try the Sencha Architect 2 Trial, I loved and is only 10 days left for decide if by or not.

    Any guidance is welcome, sorry if the question is already in other topics.



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    1) You can inport the CSS resource but the HTML you will either have to edit index.html after you save the project or insert it using JavaScript in a controller or something.

    2) It doesn't seem like Architect has the Ext.device classes.
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