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Thread: RowExpander in EXT 3.3.1

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    Default RowExpander in EXT 3.3.1

    I've inherited an app using EXTJS 3.4 and it uses rowexpanders in several pages. My problem is: on one specific page I have a GridPanel with the rowexpander plugin. This is set up like all the others in the application and they are working well. On this page, whenever you click the expand image, it shows an expand action. You'll see a loading image flash (even if it's not loading anything) and then the row collapses on itself. This seems to be an IE 8 phenomenon...

    I've removed all functions in the beforeExpand event so that my template is 'Hiya':
    var expander = new Ext.ux.grid.RowExpander({
                tpl: new Ext.Template('Hiya')
    My grid is such:
    oNewGrid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel(
            store: store, 
            cm: cm,
            frame: false, 
            autoScroll: true,
            border: true, 
            height: 500,
            title: 'Work Orders',
            id: this.pageName + '_WorkGrid',
            view: new Ext.grid.GridView({ autoFill: true, forceFit: true }),
            plugins: expander,
            collapsible: true
    Can anyone explain why my expander triggers an expansion (I can see the flash of the rowbody with 'hiya') then collapses upon itself? Too much gravity?

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