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Thread: Grid panel scroll disappear on resize

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    Default Grid panel scroll disappear on resize


    I am struggling with this issue from past couple of days, any help / pointers greatly appreciated.

    I created a MainPanel (Ext.panel.Panel) with fit layout. MainPanel contains two panels (searchPanel, ResultsPanel)

    MainPanel {
    layout: 'fit',
    region : 'center',
    items : [{
    layout: 'border'
    items : [searchPanel, resultsPanel]

    SearchPanel is a regular panel(region: center) and resultsPanel(region: south) is GridPanel with resizable set to true. After doing my search i see the results in the gridPanel with both scrollbars enabled. Couple of issues when i maximize my MainPanel

    1) ResultsPanel does not completely expand to the max window size. (I have to drag to the max size).
    2) If i do that then on restore my scrollbar's disappear.

    Is there something i need to do on gridpanel so that i wont loose the scrollbars on restore and on maximize the grid panel should expand to max window size. Thanks for help


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    Please provide a full working test cases, there are too many unknowns.


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