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Thread: cannot add gwt sdk

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    just want to know more, where is the reset.css resides? the default MyGwtMavenSampleApp.css is generated by GWT webAppCreator.bat and is placed under MyGwtMavenSampleApp\src\main\webapp\MyGwtMavenSampleApp.css,
    but I cannot found where is the reset.css?
    Also, is it sure that I can use most of GWT widgets plus some GXT widgets? I am used to using GWT but I find its widget style is quite weak, like its DataGrid, so I want to place some GXT widget in my GWT project, is this the correct way?

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    The reset.css is automatically compiled into your project - if your compiled JS ends up in a folder called MyProject with a MyProject.nocache.js in there, the reset.css will be in there too.

    Yes, GXT and GWT widgets can be mixed and matched, though most GWT widgets are built to be let the page just grow and grow, while most GXT widgets are made to be given sizes by their parents to prevent nested scrollbars. As a result, you may find that some things (the GXT Grid is one) do not behave well if not given a size, either by their parent or explicitly (using setPixelSize).

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