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Thread: Interactive Touch Charts

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    My requirement is quite complex. But tried pulling my hair a bit before posting this question.

    I have a bar chart with inte-related bars. The heights of 3 bars are like

    bar2 = 2 times bar1
    bar3 = 3 times bar1

    Now is there a means to touch the edge of bar one and drag to alter the height.
    By design this would alter the heights of bar2 and bar3.

    I know how to alter the heights of bar2 and bar3.
    But I not able to deduce how to alter bar1's height in the first place (using touch)

    Any help and suggestions much appreciated.

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    There isn't anything built-in that will do this for you so you will need to create an interaction to do it. First test would be if you can change the width of the bar and then it's just a matter of hooking up the touch events. Issue I see is the width would be recalculated with each orientation.
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