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Thread: Grid: Mark cells if data changed

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    Question Grid: Mark cells if data changed

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to mark cells if the value is updated? Now I'm showing the dirty fields but it also dirty if the value isn't changed. The data comes from a store, the store is changed on the background and the grid refresh. I that point I want to show which columns are changed.

    I hope someone could give useful advice or hints.


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    you would need to create a custom validator on your model for all fields called 'mustchange' and then you can apply it to each field in your model. (you can apply multiple validators on each field FYI)

    Of course this may been than you need to create a custom model just for this view, by extending the default model, however if this is the only view using this model, then do above.

    you could extend this idea to modifying your css also to colour the field or place another flag of your choosing on the cells that are not valid.
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