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Thread: GridSummary or GroupSummary for TreeGrid

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    Default GridSummary or GroupSummary for TreeGrid

    I am refereing to sameple demo

    e.g. if you have one more column added to the existing table lets name it as Price where it shows price of song and I want to see it as part of summary at the bottoom of column. How to do it?
    so I should be able to see price of all albums of Beethoven/Brahamas. Also I should be able to see total value for entire price column.

    How to display GridSummary or GroupSummary in TreeGrid

    Note: There is alerady existing method showGridSummary & ShowGroupSummary for ListGrid.

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    Can someone reply to the post?

    I can give one more example just in case if above problem is not clear.
    Lets say you have treegrid with two columns
    1. Item
    2. Price

    First column in tree is Item and its structure lets say as

    And second column contains Prices for individual items.
    When I collapse all items I will just see Parents (Electronics, Mechanical)
    That time you should see total price for each parent (I will say it as GroupSummary)...
    When I expand each parent, I should see price for individual item and for parent i shud see total price.

    And for entire price column I should see total price (I will say it as GridSummary)

    Is it possible? If yes, how?

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    Even i am searching for the same.It would be better if someone suggest how to provide summary for a Tree Grid

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    I need this too, and I don't want to build it on server side, I need it from extjs. Did you do it?

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