Hey folks,
this post to show you a new Sencha Touch component which replicate the same behavior seen in the iOS iTunes lists, where, for every available song, is displayed the related cover and a circular progress bar that allow you to listen it, while showing the progress of the current time.
To give you an idea of the component I'm talking about, below you find a screenshot of it's iOS version.

And here you can watch a demo of the Sencha Touch component in action

I've also written a full Tutorial which is composed by five different parts, that will explain you how step by step how this has been developed. At the moment this is only available in italian language, but I'm planning to translate it in the following days. In the meantime, I'm sure Google Translator will give you a hand.
You can read all the parts of this article at the following urls:

You can also reach the application shown in the posted video at the following Url:

and you can also download the full code of the component and the demo application at the following github repo (under gpl license):

Looking forward to get your questions or feedbacks about it.