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    Default Animation/Fx

    I originally had:

    var actor = new Ext.Actor('lgform', null, true);
    actor.moveIn('left', null, 1);;
    How would you go about this now?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Actually moveIn/moveOut probably should be ported over. I liked those two.

    If you haven't used alignTo before, it is a great function. alignTo received major upgrades in the release, thanks to the help of bmoeskau (Brian). Check out the docs for it.

    This would probably work for you:

    el.alignTo(document, 'c-l').show().alignTo(document, 'c-c', null, true);

    Obviously not quite as clean but more powerful (can moveIn from corners). I will plan on adding short handed moveIn/Out functions.

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