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    Default Problems with Camino (Ext.Button,

    Hey Jack, this is a problem I noticed back in .33 and was hoping it would be fixed in the new release. It seems that when using Camino all buttons created using Ext.Button need to be clicked twice to be activated. The first click puts the focus on the button, and the second actually depresses the button.

    As for, there seems to be some severe flickering issues. Seems as though the menu is not registering the onmouseover event correctly, just from observation though, I could be wrong.

    These issues have come up in both the alpha examples (which I know are out of date), the old .33 examples, and in some quick tests I've thrown together.

    Is Camino explicitly supported currently, and if not are there any plans for support in the future?

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    Camino is not officially supported but I generally include it in the final test run before a release. I will take a look at it and let you know.

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