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Thread: EditorGridPanel Change value in aftereditevent

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    Default EditorGridPanel Change value in aftereditevent

    I am trying make value processing in after edit event, with no huge success.

               'afteredit' : 
                function afterEdit(e) {
                     if ( e.field == "idx1*" )  
                      e.record.set( "idx1", 12345  );  
    After edit of cell it changes to 12345... but extjs grid fires 2 ajax requests! In one is new value i insert manually , in second - 12345. One time ajax server saves faster one value, one time - another.

    Pls help me make this corretly, i.e. in 1 requestm with value 12345 ...

    , Arsen

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    Default Different event

    Perhaps you can use different event of editor grid panel..I think that you should use "beforestatesave" event..

    Thanks, Sencha Developer House in Turkey - Istanbul University Technopark Suite 204.

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