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Thread: Image map contextmenu event doesn't work in IE

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    Post Image map contextmenu event doesn't work in IE

    I'm wondering if anybody knows whether this is an Ext bug or just
    not supported in IE.

    I want to popup a context menu when I'm right-clicking a certain area
    of an image map. So, something like this:

    var areas ='area'); // el is the container of the image map
    areas.on('contextmenu', this.onImgContext, this);

    In Firefox it's working properly. But in IE, the handler doesn't get invoked.
    Anything I should do to make it work in IE?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please.. can somebody help?

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    Default image map tag use

    hi, I have a similar problem.

    I must load an image in a window and I need to use a functionality similar to tag map, but not like making this task.

    me you can explain?

    what I need is something that works like this, but within a window

    [code]<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF">
    <FONT SIZE="-2" FACE="Verdana" COLOR="#000000">
    <td width=483 height=386 align="center" valign=top>
    <IMG USEMAP="#map1" SRC="mapa.png" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=400 style border="0">
    <MAP NAME=map1>
    <AREA shape="poly" coords="90,337,93,346,102,348,105,340" href="ceuta.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Ceuta');" title="Ceuta">
    <AREA shape="poly" coords="167,355,170,357,180,353,174,346" href="melilla.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Melilla');" title="Melilla">
    <AREA shape="poly" coords="395,277,379,315,324,333,308,318,299,325,284,321,256,336,247,327,255,289,269,287,270,297,266,312,313,292,324,308,352,311,377,272" href="canarias.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Canarias');" title="Canarias">
    <area shape="poly" coords="399,154,359,184,313,207,295,185,338,153,382,131,396,135" href="baleares.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Baleares');" title="Baleares">
    <AREA shape="poly" coords="56,14,44,8,37,18,20,25,19,40,25,53,38,62,55,59,59,45,59,28" href="galicia.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Galicia');" title="Galicia">
    <area shape="poly" coords="124,19,98,14,69,13,68,20,73,28,93,24,105,27" href="asturias.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Asturias');" title="Asturias">
    <area shape="poly" coords="164,22,140,22,135,28,146,36" href="cantabria.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Cantabria');" title="Cantabria">
    <area shape="poly" coords="204,26,184,21,176,24,181,31,180,40,189,47" href="euskadi.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Euskadi');" title="Euskadi">
    <area shape="poly" coords="223,70,214,70,217,62,200,48,217,26,233,37,221,60" href="navarra.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Navarra');" title="Navarra">
    <area shape="poly" coords="243,43,229,63,232,73,217,80,211,98,224,111,221,131,239,141,254,112,266,108,268,79,281,52,258,49" href="aragon.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Aragon');" title="Aragon">
    <area shape="poly" coords="288,44,290,56,280,83,282,97,275,117,284,118,285,106,321,93,349,67,343,57,320,58,312,54,303,59,299,47" href="catalunya.png" onmouseover="cartel(this, 'Catalu

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    I have a similar problem :

    el.on('contextmenu', function(e){...} is working on FF but not on IE when el is an area node [el = Ext.get(<area node>)].

    Sample code :

    if (Ext.isIE) {
    	el.on('contextmenu', function(e){  // oncontextmenu is not triggered in IE
    	// el is area node
    		alert("Leguman !!"); // never shown
    		var menuPos = [Mouse_X + 15, Mouse_Y + 15];
    Am I wrong ?

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