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Thread: Just starting out, having a problem

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    Default Just starting out, having a problem

    I just stumbled across the YUI-Ext platform the other day, and - obviously - we thought it was fantastic. I wanted to play with it this weekend, but of course, right off the bat, I am running into a problem - or maybe its a known issue, and I'm not having a problem after all.

    The test page we're playing w/ is When you click the 'hello world' button, two things are wrong with the dialog that pops up (and it truly is a beautiful dialog box, don't get me wrong )

    1) both tabs do not show up, only the first tab. The second tab pops in when you resize the dialog box.

    2) the horizontal scroll bar doesn't show up at all, and the vertical scroll bar only shows up when you resize the dialog.

    The javascript files are the default example files (very minor differences).

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I also saw that Jack posted a comment on the YUI group list that he was going to be offering paid support to people/organizations that wanted priority/high level support. What kind of fee structure does he have in mind, and how would it be paid? If anyone can answer those questions, we would appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

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    the dialog box loads fine for me

    can you post a screenshot?

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    Default How do i attach a screenshot to the message?

    Do I need to post it on our server and attach a link, or can I attach it directly to the post?[/img]

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    It looks fine in FF. You could try removing the doctype strict - sometimes that causes problems in IE, with regard to the scrolling.

    Does the missing tab problem occur when you don't put the grid in the tab (e.g. just plain text)?

    It looks like you put a grid in a container that's smaller than the grid, so IE may be doing overflow:hidden. - you could try putting overflow:auto on the inner-tab div.

    As far as support options, that's still TBD after the 1.0 beta release on Monday.

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    Default Thank you!

    Our user base is EXTREMELY small (less than 150 users), and our environment is very tightly controlled. Management has made the decision to go with IE (which, in some respects makes our lives much easier; in other respects, it makes our lives a nightmare).

    We would need the product to be absolutely bulletproof in IE6/7. I am playing w/ the containers now to see if I can make the scrollbars appear.

    however, the dialog has two tabs. Only one is showing up in IE6 when the page first loads, and then when you resize the dialog, the second tab shows up (actually, this is not exactly true. No tabs at all are being displayed initially, just the main tab's content. when you resize the dialog, then the actual tabs themselves are displayed).

    Anyway, I look forward to Monday, and we should be one of the first organizations to sign up (assuming the fee structure is reasonable and I can show my boss that this product can actually be made to work in our environment).

    Thanks again.

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    I justed tested your current page and it seems fine in FF and IE7. IE6 seems to have the tab problem - not sure what the issue is yet.

    EDIT: as I suspected, this is an issue with IE6 and doctype=strict. Try either removing the doctype or changing it a transitional and see what happens

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    Default Yup, that took care of it

    Know what would be nice? If you could set a MAX width (for resizable panels). Or maybe if you could specify that the panel could be resizeable in one direction (horizontal, for example), but not the other (vertical, in this example).

    does that make any sense? Or can the panel already do this and I am simply a moron who didn't read the docs closely enough?

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    You have two seperate js files, "hello.js" and "array-grid.js" both performing page initialization using onDoumentReady.

    Which should execute first? Does one depend on having the other completed.

    You should have one initialization routine.

    There is a problem with the grid sizing itself. You shouldn't need to do any of that (dialogResize)

    I'd recommend using a LayoutDialog with just a "center" Region.

    Then, create a GridPanel from your grid, and add the GridPanel to the dialog's layout.

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    Did you get this sorted out? It looks ok in IE6 and IE7 for me.

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    Default I did!

    I did get it sorted out, thank you for the response.

    We are VERY interested in purchasing a support agreement with you, assuming it is reasonably priced (I still have to sell this to our management team).

    I have heard of a new release coming tomorrow. Hopefully this release will be chocked full of example code, as well as being fully documented (the existing release's documentation is excellent).

    All in all, sir, we commend you for an absolutely OUTSTANDING product, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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