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Thread: Show tabs with no panels associated with it.

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    Default Show tabs with no panels associated with it.

    I want to show only tabs that are dynamically loaded with no panels (no tab container) associated with it.
    On click of a tab i want to show a treeview filled with that tab using Extjs2.0

    Please help!!

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    This is the forum for Ext 1.x questions, please place 2.0 questions in the 2.x threads. Also we'll need some more information or an example of what problems you are having.

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    Thanks Rich Waters,

    I have now posted the query in Extjs 2.0 forums.

    But for your information the problem is

    I have created UI consist of West,Center and South Regions using viewport.
    The west region is collapsable.

    Now problem is to create Tabs (dynamically), toolbar (containg a label ,combobox and clear button) and a treeview that will be contained in a west region.

    On click of a tab, treeview and combobox will be loaded with data associated with that tab.
    For ex if a click on tab1 -> treeview will be filled with data for cars,
    if a click on tab2 -> treeview will be filled with data for bikes.

    combobox works for searching a car or bike in treeview.

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