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Thread: Custom PivotGrid/Grid with fixed left axis

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    Default Custom PivotGrid/Grid with fixed left axis


    I am stucked with huge, even enormous problem. I need to built custom PivotGrid, lets call it
    TTPivot, that functionality can be described by following factors:

    - left axis is rendered using different store that used in pivot itself and row count is fixed, therefore there is no row removal or addition
    - top axis data can be altered, therefore uses the same storage as the pivot

    and all should look like on attached image.
    As you can see, cells are rendered by my own function that puts, or not, there an accept sign basing on value of the cell.

    Despite the fact that I am pretty new in ExtJS, it seems to me that what I really have to do is to overwrite existing PivotGrid or Grid...

    What are my best options ?

    With regards,
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    I would say you could use a simple grid to populate the store rows and use an alternate store to create the dynamic columns.


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