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    Hey peeps,

    I'm looking to write a simple JS based API that calls my server to retrieve simple key:value pair type data. Since cross-domain XHR isn't available, it looks like ScriptTagProxy uses the dynamic script tag solution which would work for me. This seems like an ideal solution versus dealing with the headaches of SOAP and WSDL.

    My question is, what's the minimum amount of code I need to include in order to use the class in my API? Some clients might not wish to embed the entire Ext library into their applications, so I'm trying to strip it down as much as possible.


    - sf

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    ScriptTagProxy is designed to work with a Reader and a Store to read a sequence of Records.

    I have a ux extension in the extension forums which extends Ext.Ajax to allow standard Ajax requests through a script tag which might be easier for you.

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    Thanks for the reply guys, got it working. :-)

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