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Thread: [new version] DateTime Field

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    Default unable to select custom values in xdatetime


    I use Sakalos' xdatetime plugin version 2.0. When opening the timefield with the trigger I can select timevalues each 15 minutes so I can select 15:00:00, 15:15:00 etc.
    But I want to be able to also select intermediate values - e.g.15:12:00 or 15:23:46.
    This is not possible because onBlur the entered value gets rounded to the closest predefined value - e.g. 15:23:13 becomes 03:15:00 - 03 instead of 15 is probably due to the timeFormat config not properly configured.

    Is this maybe because the value in the timefield _has_ to be one of the predefined values?
    Is it possible to have this functionality?



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    use the timefield config option 'increment'

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    None of the ext 4 versions mentioned here seem to work in 4.1.1. I keep getting the following error when trying to use the date time field on a form that's having it's details loaded via a call to loadRecord:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined

    Update: It seems to be a problem with the time field. If I comment out the time field in the class (and the initField call) the problem goes away. Obviously this isn't a solution, just hoping that bringing some more info to the table will help us all arrive at a solution

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    it should not be so hard to make a version matched download list?

    V3.4 >
    V4.0.7 >
    V4.1.1 >

    it will stop all the turmoil in forum. pls... I just cant find for v4.0.7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jojo79 View Post
    Not a extjs expert.. Just tried to migrate DateTime to Extjs version 4.
    Attached the file ''.

    The component is working on FF 4+/Chrome.. Not tested with IE.
    To resolve layout issues, you can wrap this component in panel or field container.

    Any improvements/comments are welcomed.

    A better approach for ExtJs 4.x would be as mentioned here

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    Default Ext + DateTime Field + Row Editor + IE8/9/10

    I realize this is the Ext 2.x forum, but it seems to be the most 'active' support area for Saki's extension.

    I have an existing row editor grid using the DateTime field that is functioning in Chrome/FF/IE 11, but is throwing errors in IE8/9/10 whenever the row is double clicked to launch the editor.

    IE 8: 'this.df.el' is null or not an object (line 543)
    IE 9: Unable to get value of the property 'up' (line 543)
    IE 10: Unable to get value of the property 'up' (line 543)

    The offending block of code:
    if (Ext.isIE) {
        this.df.el.up('td').setWidth(w - this.timeWidth - 4);'td').setWidth(this.timeWidth);
    I'm at a loss as to if this error is being caused by a deficiency in the DateTime component, the RowEditor component, or something that I have done (although it is working elsewhere). In IE11, Ext.isIE returns false, so that block of code is never called.

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    Hii.When I use this component in a grid, all I see is a time dropdown.where is the calendar?thanks very much

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