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Thread: Ext.tree.Panel can be reconfigured ?

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    Default Ext.tree.Panel can be reconfigured ?

    Ext.tree.Panel has the method reconfigure() like Ext.grid.Panel, both uses Ext.view.Table

    But when i use tree.Panel reconfigure, using the same columns as the original configuration (also not giving it a new store) just to test the reconfiguration is working, well its not, gives an error

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getDepth'

    Note that this tree.Panel first renderers the store with no problem, then, for tests, i added a button and there i just do reconfigure(), passing the same column definition (copied/pasted), and gives that error.

    so its a bug or reconfigure is not suported by Ext.tree.panel (has the method btw) ?

    btw that 'getDepth' error comes from the renderer function on tree panel, the method receives a record that its empty ... its weird :d because the store is ok, since first time renderes with no problem and doing the reconfigure, store doenst change (its not loaded again).
    tested using Ext 4.1.1 rc1 (original test with Ext.4.1.0 rc2)

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    Please see the following thread:

    It is under consideration for 4.2 release.


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