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Thread: Delete a resizable

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    Default Delete a resizable


    I dynamicly create a resizable on a div to resize it. It's work fine.

    Now, i'd like to remove/delete this resizable, without deleting the div on which it wac created.

    How can i do.


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    Thanks Tim.

    it should help me but the better will be to remove from the dom the resizable and keep the element on which it was added.

    But your solution is good.


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    Default Agreed, disabling isn't really good enough

    I too would like something that cleans up the dom, and right now I can't think of a way to do it without having to build something which depends on the internals of the Resizable implementation.

    In general, given the need for long-lived apps, it'd be nice to be able to undo any DOM manipulation reliably.


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    It would be easier with a wrap:

    var rz = new Ext.Resizable({.... wrap:true});

    Then to remove it:

    var el = rz.getEl();

    You may also want to call removeAllListeners.

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    thanks Jack.

    I'll try it and tel you the result of my test.

    Thanks again.

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