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Thread: MySQL/PHP/ExtJS Table Manager, Query Browser, DB Management

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    Default MySQL/PHP/ExtJS Table Manager, Query Browser, DB Management

    We've developed a new open source MySQL database mangement tool based on ExtJS 3.4. It's meant for web developers ranging from those who need to manage databases but are unexpert in SQL to those who are very expert at it.

    Here are some of its features:
    • MySQL Table Manager with:
      • Easy to use CRUD (create read update delete) interface
      • Strong Customizable Data Validation
      • Easily save different views of the same table (personalization)
      • Manage and organize database tables into a folder structure
      • Create versatile custom forms using HTML templates (no proper programming)
      • Easily modify indexes and foreign keys in your tables.
      • Strong protection against SQL insertion/poisoning.
      • Easily export and import data.
    • Login Session and Session Security
      • Access multiple databases on multiple hosts simultaneously (using browser tabs)
      • It uses the Ext Desktop to handle the session and application building
      • Session locking for extra security while maintaining your login session.
      • Session hijacking protection.
    • Query Browser
      • Easily execute any SQL statement with results shown in an easy to read Ext Grid
      • Save and organize queries into a query tree for later use.
    • System Log Viewer
      • For systems where you don't have access to the MySQL system logs, you can track queries, errors and activity using the System Log Viewer.
    Download a completely functional version here:
    There is a live demo you can use here:
    We've built up a large base of video tutorials to help people get started here:
    To purchase a commercial license (we're currently working on a support structure) visit here:
    It is released under a dual license similar to ExtJS (free for non-commercial use and to try [14 days], cheap for commercial use). See:

    We're definitely open to suggestions, feedback and help with bug fixes as we continue development, and obviously those who purchase the system will have top priority with any issues or ideas they might have.

    The system is currently in beta release. As we prepare for the 1.0 release, we are also paying people to find bugs in the system.

    Bugs and code are currently tracked on launchpad:

    Hope people find this helpful!

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