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Thread: Can SDK Tools support multiple HTML files?

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    Default Can SDK Tools support multiple HTML files?

    Hi there, I am using this nice tool.
    In my project, there are multiple htmls, each of them is using Sencha Touch 2 lib, so, I wonder, how to use SDK tools, command like this, 'sencha app build production'. But in the app.json:

         * The file path to this application's front HTML document, relative to this app.json file
        "indexHtmlPath": "index.html",
    It seems that app.json only accpets single html file, and can it support multiple HTML files?
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    I'm not sure why you would have more than one html file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchellsimoens View Post
    I'm not sure why you would have more than one html file.
    You are right. It was my failure. The project is "single-page" now.
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    Hi Mitchell,
    I am creating the desktop application, how people will bookmark different pages?.
    Because every time, they can't come to home page and they can't do the navigation to reach the particular section.
    So I thought of creating a multiple html files, but it is increasing the lot of effort . Do you have any suggestion here? for this kind of situation.


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