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Thread: What examples would you like to see in Architect 2?

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    I missed a demo about theming for an app.
    Not only on how to use compass and css sass, but also for development like an iphone and ipad.
    How can I do the check for an iPad/iPhone? And what about a retina and non-retina display? When will the SA use the normal png and when the @2x.png images?

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    I've been playing with the product for about a week now, and some basic stuff has been difficult to find. Basically digging through examples, tutorials, documentation and 3rd party sites. I found one solution on a blog somewhere. So, and example + tutorial (desktop) that would be helpful to a newbie would be...

    An app with a Viewport in Border layout, toolbar at top, tree view on left, basic panel on bottom, basic container as center to move workspace views in and out of.

    Top Toolbar with a couple of buttons...
    - Button 1 - Demonstrate how to pop up a message box (tutorial would discuss other message box options). In addition, the message box would display the text from the button. This would teach how to manage click events as well. Tutorial should discuss the options of controller action in watching all buttons or a specific button.

    - Button 2 - Load a 2 level tree in left panel. Tutorial would provide detail on exact format of TreeStore (which I couldn't find). Also provide a couple of custom icons to load for tree elements.

    Tree View would control the workspace. I would suggest 3 different Panels that would be selected from top level tree elements. One would contain a grid that would load data, one a form for creating a new record and one would display a menu, and an image with some html (a la the book store app). This would accomplish how to change view based on context, how to load data from a store, how to build html templates, how to handle form buttons, how to build a menu etc. Tutorial should discuss layout options for containers and panels, flex, linking, etc.

    Bottom panel could hold some text fields with focus on applicable layout stuff.

    This is roughly what I've built to play with the product, although it's probably taken me a lot longer than I had to spend to get to this point. One other suggestion, it would be beneficial if there were 2 forums for Architect, 1 for Touch and 1 for ExtJS.


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    Default Using Ext JS 4 Examples

    I've gotten to the point where I need to be able to add custom code for drawing things to the screen, or extending the capabilities of existing components, or what-have-you. There seem to be examples in that for Ext JS 4, but not for how to do the same thing in Architect. If i just had a source file to work from, I could copy and paste code in, run it, and make changes from there. However, I don't necessarily know whether what I'm looking at is a function, or an event, and so on.

    Two weeks into my trial and I'm very good at adding existing components, and I've gotten to the point where I can use CSS (though not yet SASS/Compass) to style many of the elements on-screen. But for something like the gauge chart, making changes more advanced than just which theme to use is proving difficult. Indeed, I've even found some examples on gradients for Ext JS, but I'm not clear on how to move those gradients into my project.

    Finally, an example where I draw a circle inside of a Container would be immensely helpful. To take that into the astronomically-helpful range, having that circle change based on a variety of events (button presses, timed events, and so on) would make my work go so much faster.

    I've found threads at least some of the above questions, but the answers pre-suppose knowledge that I currently don't have, which is why the examples would be great.

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    Default offline


    I would like to see a demo how to take things (temporarily) offline.
    For example to reach this workflow:

    open senchaApp -> get fresh data online -> go offline -> work -> switch off device -> switch on device -> open senchaApp -> go online -> synchronize changes


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    Examples I would like to see:
    - DataView using a Model with hasMany assocations
    - Proper backButton implementation
    - Locale implementation
    - Proper styling (creating new UI styles for instance)

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    I would like to see an example just like sencha touch 2, Oreilly and Kitchen Sink
    I think those examples 'made by sencha Architect' should cover a lot of the power and advantage of Sencha Architect!

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    We are new to Sencha and have decided to use Architect for our projects - because a tool should help - shouldn't it?

    The biggest challenge we have had is the wide variation in the ways that things can get done and the fact that the vast majority of the examples are non architect related. The forums are very helpful, but again, knowing how and where to make the changes suggested ends up taking hours and hours of what imho is wasted time.

    So it would be nice to see more of the examples accompanied by screenshot style video with a voice over so that people new to the tool can see how to apply the ideas discussed. It doesn't need to be professionally produced - it just need to be there.

    Another frustration has been trying to get a build working on Android and IOS. We have followed all the steps, and installed all the bits. It just fails. We paid for a product that says that it will do it so it should work right? Wrong. Its probably just a dumb newbie issues, and a video that shows how to do this from end to end on mac osx would be awesome.

    While not specifically demo related, it is nonsensical in our opinion to hide the answers provided by the premium forums. We paid for the product and want to use it. I understand that prompt responses could be paid for - but once the solution has been found, make the content available to all as no doubt someone else also has the issue. Surely any content that could help us to take advantage of a product that we have already paid for would be useful thing?

    While i have focussed on what I see can be improved, i want to make the comment that we think that Sencha is heading in the right direction, so keep it up!

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    +1 on native packaging. And while you're at it a tutorial compiling custom touch JS using the build tools. I would love to stop using debug-all.

    I would love to see an Architect demo on how to make an app with multiple layouts to accommodate phones and tablets simultaneouslysimilar to the behavior of Kitchen Sink where landscape mode has a side menu, and phones/portrait fold menus into a button.

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    The project in that directory doesn't load up in Sencha Architect, saying that "This framework is not supported". Is that example for a different product or am I doing something wrong?


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    Default Login/logout and sessions

    I want an example about how to create a login/logout and create/destroy session using REST calls against a PHP code in a server.

    Thanks in advance.


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