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Thread: RowNumberer with 'pagingtoolbar' - RowNumberer always starts next page at '1'

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    Default RowNumberer with 'pagingtoolbar' - RowNumberer always starts next page at '1'

    I'm using the 'pagingtoolbar' with Grids, and RowNumberer, which shows the line number being displayed on the left hand side of the grid.

    My problem is - say my grid displays 50 items at a time - when the user goes to the second page, RowNumberer starts back a '1' - but really, it should say '51'. Is there a way to change this?

    Thanks in advance ...

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    Paging is handled by the following:

    Server should return total records in grid in JSON result
    total: 50 // 50 records in view

    Client should send: (page 1)
    start: 0
    limit: 10

    store.pageSize: 10
    pagingToolbar.pageSize: 10

    reader: totalProperty: total (from above)


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