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Thread: Ext.ux.window.VisualSQLQueryBuilder

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    Default Where can I get the source code ?


    In the demo page, the source code has been encrypted. Where can I get a copy of it ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Download Source Code

    Dear All,
    Where can I download the code?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Source Code Location

    ExtJS root is:

    Ext.ux.window.VisualSQLQueryBuilder Component File:

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    Default ExtJs Visual Query Builder

    Hi martinorth,

    I tried your ExtJ Visual Query Builder. Its an aweome tool.
    But can I save the query and draw the table connections from query?

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    Default Drag n drop in tree with lines


    Can you explain me the line drawing between two grid raws on drag and drop .I need to implement the same in two trees (both has nodes) where i can drag and drop items from 1st to second tree .But instead of dropping node to second tree i need to draw a connection line from dragged node to dropped node.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looks very nice. I am unable to find any documentation about this widget. Any suggestions?

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