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Thread: RowEditing plugin doesn't fire canceledit when changing row

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    Default Answered: RowEditing plugin doesn't fire canceledit when changing row

    Even with autocancel, I can't fire in any way "canceledit" event. Is this a bug? How can I detect when I move the roweditor or how can I eventually PREVENT roweditor movement at least?

    It's a big issue for me because I'm trying to remove "newly created items" and I must check if the current created item is temporary or not, if I can't detect when this item is changed it creates me a lot of issues.

  2. Here is a quick and dirty override that should do what you want. Sorry it took so long. I had something come up and also had to look into the way overriding is done in 4.1.
    Ext.define( 'YourApp.patch.RowEditing', {
            override: 'Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing',
            startEdit: function() {
                    if( this.editing ) {
                    this.callParent( arguments );
    } );

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