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Thread: dom.offsetTop was changed if the dom.innerHTML is too high

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    Default dom.offsetTop was changed if the dom.innerHTML is too high

    Hi all,
    my page's center part's id is "homepanel", when I set a html to it, if the content (a table) is too high, the center part will move a little to the the bottom, during debugging, I found the dom.offsetTop was changed, any idea why this happened? thx
    here is the code:

    var el = Ext.getCmp('homepanel').getUpdater().getEl();
    el.dom.innerHTML = content; // this content is a html table, if the table is short, everything is OK, if it's hight, the el.dom.offsetTop will be changed after this, el.dom.offsetTop was always 0 before. this issue only happens in IE, it won't happen in ff.


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    Is IE doing this or Ext JS?
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