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Thread: context menu with scrolling

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    Default context menu with scrolling

    This could have been answered before, but I did not find the answer so here is my post
    I have a gird, with context menu. The grid is generated inside a BorderLayout, like so:
    grid = new Ext.grid.TableGrid("regionsTable");
    var layout = Ext.BorderLayout.create({
    center: {
    panels: [new Ext.GridPanel(grid)]
    }, 'grid-pane-outer');

    But when I try to open the contex menu on a column, at the right end of the grid/layout, the menu opens and the layout gets a width scrolling, or if I am at the bottom, then opens up with more height scroll - this compels the user to scroll up/down to the item that they want to perform.
    I wanted to know, if there is a way that the menu would realize the dimensions and will open to the left, or up wards in a way that there will be no additional scrolling?

    something like the constrain view point that YUI has?
    this is refereeing the Ext ver 1.

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