Hi all,

It's my first post on this forum, and I wish thank all the developers team.
JsExt is really wonderful.
I regret to not having found it before.
Finally a real framework.
thank you

I have a panel containing a toolbar and a canvas item.
the toolbar contain a slider item

I catch the mousemouve event on the panel.
My problem is when i change the slider position the mousemove event is fired.

How can disabled this event on the slider.

I try to put the mousemove event only on the canvas, but i don't succes.
I try to stop the event on the change event of the slider, but the event object is not accessible in this event function.

Any idea?

Here my code:
Ext.define('MedView.view.viewer.Viewer', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel'
    ,cls: 'viewer'
    ,alias : 'widget.viewer'       
    ,layout: 'fit'    
    ,initComponent: function()
        this.tbar = [
                xtype: 'tbfill' 
                xtype: 'slider'
                ,id: 'slider' + this.id
                ,margin: '0 10 0 0'
                ,width: 100
                ,value: 1
                ,increment: 1
                ,minValue: 1
                ,maxValue: 10

                    change: this.sliderChange
                    ,scope: this
        this.items = [
                xtype: 'box'         
                    tag: 'canvas'


    ,sliderChange:function(iSlider, iValue){
        //in the argument list, no event object, it's not possible to call stopEvent()
In the controller I ctch the mousemouse event with this code:
,init: function() {
            '.viewer': {
                afterrender: function (comp) {
                    var element = comp.getEl();
                    element.on('mousemove', this.onMouseMove, this); 
,onMouseMove: function(event, source, param) {
//the event target is always the panel, I can't test if it's the toolbar