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Thread: Ext.getCmp('ID').getValue() or rawValue in IE8 and IE9 with Extjs 4.1

    Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided.
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    Default Ext.getCmp('ID').getValue() or rawValue in IE8 and IE9 with Extjs 4.1

    HI Guys,

    This issue is related to combobox in IE8 and IE9
    Ext.getCmp('ID').getValue() or rawValue picks the emptyText value from the combobox if the field is null.

    I have 2 combobox which depends on each other. on change of combobox1 i need to check the value present in combobox2 and load store for combobox2 . on doing so in Internet Explorer with Ext.getCmp('ID').getValue() or rawValue. It picks the emptyText property value.

    I am expecting either null or "" rawValue of the field if its not selected.

    This behavior is seen only in IE8 and IE9 browser, works good in chrome and firefox.


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    Where possible, we use the html5 placeholder attribute, however it's not supported by some older browsers. As such, when you get the rawValue it may include the emptyText.
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