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Thread: Animation problems in iOS

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    Default Animation problems in iOS


    We have made a simple test animation where we test capabilities of Sencha Animator in the upcoming project. The address of the test is

    The problem is that iOS devices seem to flicker images a lot and the animation is not in sync.

    However the animation works fine in Mac OS X 10.7.3 / Safari 5.1.5

    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this animation in iOS? Is there something what we are missing? Or is this just a feature in iOS Safari?

    The final animation would have more details and background images and so on. It seems to be a challenge to have even a simple animation working in iOS.

    Any ideas and help are highly appreciated!

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    One way to usually improve the sync on iOS is to make sure that every animation has a keyframe at 0 seconds. If you need something to appear later on you can make set the opacity to 0 for the first keyframe, and then add a second keyframe right before the object appears with opacity 0 as well.

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