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    Default Noob questions

    Hi everyone,

    first post for me here.

    I have been assigned the task to do some small modifications to an existing web application that makes large use of Ext JS 3.3. I don't know anything (yet) about Ext but I am familiar with similar products. Before I start reading documentation and doing tutorials I have some basic questions.

    1) I downloaded the IDE software (Architect) but it seems that it does not support JS3.x. Is the old IDE still available for download ?

    2) I don't have the original project files, just the php/js/css files, is there a way to import these files and recreate the project ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Architect was recently created for 4.x. It was not available for 3.x projects. Ext Designer was available (the precursor to architect) , but may very well have not been used for your project. I doubt you can import, but I have never used it so I can't be certain.

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    Default Try Ext Designer for Ext JS 3.3

    IDE software (Architect) doesn't support Ext JS 3.3
    Use Ext Designer. Below is the download link:

    You Can Import Your Code & related Project Files easily using Ext Designer.
    If you have any queries, please let me know.

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